Internship Application

The internship helps cultivate an environment for students to develop in their Christian life and service in the areas of spiritual growth, coordination, the gospel, learning and speaking the truth from God’s Word, and shepherding fellow believers in Christ.

Internship overview:

  • Get equipped to serve the Lord
  • Work side-by-side with staff on campus and in the community
  • Serve on a team on various projects

We are praying for you all and so thankful for the time you are able to give. May we all open to the Lord regarding our summer!

Please note:
Interns can participate either full-time or part time. If you would like to participate part time, please indicate what weeks and times you will be available

Apply now

“The most enjoyable part of the internship was simply serving the Lord. Just giving a small portion of my time to Him made the entire summer feel worthwhile.”

“I’m thankful that I was able to develop healthy spiritual habits because of the internship. Rising up early, reading the word with companions and attending meetings became so enjoyable and valuable to me!”

“… It’s a great opportunity to represent the Lord on campus to new ones who might be seeking, not to mention the personal spiritual riches you gain in the process.”

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