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Psalm 45:1

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Unbiased love

Protests over the death of George Floyd have spread across the nation. This instance of police brutality has garnered unprecedented coverage and has ignited anger and fear in those who see themselves and their loved ones in George Floyd. The pent up frustration of Black Americans has been met with solidarity from some and uneaseContinue reading “Unbiased love”

A Captive in Triumph

At the apex of my stint as an underground artist, I wasn’t looking for a change. However, an unforeseen sea change was coming to one Jason Hall.


By Alexis Baldwin I first learned what Unofficial Weekend was in the early days of Portuguese class this semester: “It’s a weekend where people go to parties and drink a lot,” one of my classmates informed the class. As a freshman on campus, I had never heard of this tradition, but I was intrigued. IContinue reading “Unofficial”

Pursue with those.

By Esther Park The Tuesday before my first college finals, I found myself in a crisis: a draft of a 10 page final paper for one of my classes was due the next day and I hadn’t started or thought about it at all. I had known about this paper from the very beginning ofContinue reading “Pursue with those.”

“Do not fear.”

By Samuel Mesa When I first came to college, I was afraid of being alone. I have a brother at the University, but I knew that he was busy with responsibilities that would make it hard for him to be there for me at times. I know that I prayed and that others prayed. ThenContinue reading ““Do not fear.””

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