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My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.

Psalm 45:1

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A Captive in Triumph

At the apex of my stint as an underground artist, I wasn’t looking for a change. However, an unforeseen sea change was coming to one Jason Hall.


By Alexis Baldwin I first learned what Unofficial Weekend was in the early days of Portuguese class this semester: “It’s a weekend where people go to parties and drink a lot,” one of my classmates informed the class. As a freshman on campus, I had never heard of this tradition, but I was intrigued. IContinue reading “Unofficial”

Pursue with those.

By Esther Park The Tuesday before my first college finals, I found myself in a crisis: a draft of a 10 page final paper for one of my classes was due the next day and I hadn’t started or thought about it at all. I had known about this paper from the very beginning ofContinue reading “Pursue with those.”

“Do not fear.”

By Samuel Mesa When I first came to college, I was afraid of being alone. I have a brother at the University, but I knew that he was busy with responsibilities that would make it hard for him to be there for me at times. I know that I prayed and that others prayed. ThenContinue reading ““Do not fear.””

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