“I really like Christians on Campus because it provided me with a group of very close friends that are very fun to hang out with, and also great to grow in my Christian faith. I think being with a supportive group like Christians on Campus is good for student because we just take people in at any stage in life and just care for them. It’s been really fun being around these people and I’m excited for the next few years I’ll spend time learning and growing with my friends” – ML (Freshman)


I somehow wandered my way from New Jersey into the cornfields of Illinois for college. I was going to be away from familiarity for the first time in my 18 years of living. One thing I was able to find in the “middle of nowhere” was a family to take care of me physically, mentally, and spiritually. Now I consider Champaign-Urbana to be my home because this community has become my family! – Dan C.

“I liked that I was able to get to know another person in the club, both as a friend and spiritually; I think we were really encouraging to one another to continue getting to the Word and going on in the Lord” – Nikki S.


“I can’t find another group of people I’d rather spend my time with. With then I have spiritual support and encouragement, free home-cooked meals, sports to my heart’s content, and friends to study with, eat with, and hang with — all in an environment away from the defiling parts of college. I literally could not ask for more.” — Anonymous (Sophomore)